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Chiropractic Insurance Plans

Dr. Johnston is a credentialed provider with nearly every major insurance network in the San Luis Obispo area, including Anthem/Blue Cross. 

That means you will only be responsible for your Co-Pay and/or Deductible (up to your plans limits, should there be any).

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If you're not sure if you have chiropractic benefits, give us a call and we'll be happy to check for you.

Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is covered by most insurance plans in the State of California.

If you have health insurance, depending on your coverage, chiropractic care is generally covered for personal injuries such as "slip and fall" injuries as well as injuries resulting from automobile accidents.

Chiropractic care is specifically covered in cases of motor vehicle injury by Personal Injury Protection (PIP) 

Personal Injury  Protection

By law, all insured drivers have medical (Personal Injury Protection or PIP) coverage as part of their policy which will pay for diagnosis and treatment of injuries that happened due to the operation of your motor vehicle.  This is most commonly referred to as Bodily Injury coverage on your automobile insurance policy.

This coverage pays auto accident injury chiropractors for services at 100% of necessary medical treatment up to your policy limit, regardless of who is at fault.

And the state law says you can use your personal injury insurance to get proper medical care without fear of having your rates go up.  If you have regular health insurance through your employer, it may require you to utilize your auto insurance PIP first, or prove that you do not carry it under your auto insurance policy, before it covers treatment for injuries sustained in a car accident.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Health Savings Accounts can help consumers afford chiropractic care, even when it is excluded from their health insurance policy. They can pay for chiropractic care and other alternative medicine with pre-tax dollars by using a Health Savings Account.

HSAs let you keep, tax-free, what you don't spend today and allow you to use it for your healthcare tomorrow, or for your retirement; and HSAs let you invest in your own health by shifting unspent sickness care dollars to wellness and preventative care.

HSA-qualified health insurance policies are available either through employer-sponsored plans or through individual/family policies.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

These new vehicles fund your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses with pretax dollars—saving you up to 50% on wage (FICA) and income taxes.


To set up an FSA to fund your $200/month in chiropractic care:

    * Tell your employer to set aside $200/month of your pre-tax wages in an FSA. This will reduce your monthly take-home pay by only about $120/month.
    * Pay your chiropractor with your FSA debit card, or periodically submit a statement to your employer and get $200/month in tax-free reimbursements.

You pocket the additional $80/month in tax benefits.

$$$ TIP:

    * Employers like FSAs as much as you do, because employers also save 7.53% in employer FICA + FUTA wage taxes. That's why the majority of U.S. employers already offer FSAs. If your employer does not yet offer one, point out how he can save 7.53% for very little extra paperwork.